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In 1913, the President of El Salvador, Manuel Enrique Araujo, was assassinated with machetes by a group of rude peasants who did not fully know who they were killing. Along with them, a former Salvadoran army officer is also captured, who was in charge of shooting President Araujo during the bloody crime that occurred in a central park in the capital. The peasants are executed without trial by a firing squad ten days after the assassination and the former officer, to the surprise of few Salvadorans, wakes up dead in his cell by suicide with his own weapon.

Within weeks, rumors begin to emerge about who the real murderers were. Perhaps a conspiracy of the rich families of the country (Araujo, being himself a prosperous coffee grower, increased the taxes on the cultivation of coffee to the great anger of the other landowners), jealous husbands (since they were vox populi the infidelities presidential), Dr. Prudencio Alfaro (due to a rooster issue as the story went at that time), the United States (in the face of Araujo's refusal to recognize the gringo intervention in Nicaragua as legal) or perhaps a conspiracy of the feared Salvadoran bank (As Araujo was and continues to be the only President who aggressively regulated corrupt banks in El Salvador).

From this historical mud, an already forgotten and unpunished murder in the so-called coffee republic of El Salvador, is where The taste of the heroic begins, where historical figures such as Araujo and Franz Kafka, Houdini and Boston Corbett (the man who killed the man who killed Lincoln) intermingle with fictional characters to weave a plot that seeks to coordinate past, present and future in the same narrative time.

The taste of the heroic is in the same way the feat of an idealistic member of an ancient Brotherhood of men who refuse to turn the other cheek. Desperate to save a life, he arrives in El Salvador on a mission not only suicidal, but destined to fail from the start.


C. Gerardo Perla (San Salvador, 1976). He completed incomplete studies of Jurisprudence and Social Sciences in his country, in addition to some cycles of the Communications career and later he completed unfinished studies of History at the University of the Sorbonne in Paris. Fond of good reading, movies in general and, addicted to Anime and hibernation. The taste of the heroic is his first novel.


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